We offer a range of services and solutions to help entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions benefit from a one-stop shopping experience. In collaboration with our various partners, we are able to offer a tailor-made service to help bridge the gap between time and manpower shortages. Our services include:


What does it look like to be a high-functioning entrepreneur or employee on the verge of burnout? What happens if the entrepreneur ignores the signs of anxiety, depression or addiction? What are the qualities and tools of resilience needed to get back on track while running the business?

We can help.



Quebec e-commerce software. PrintsysTM is an innovative platform hosted exclusively on Canadian servers and managed 24/7 by our experienced team. We also provide a support service that will guide you from implementation through to operation. The PrintsysTM solution is fully scalable to fit your budget, meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Quebec ERP software that can be integrated with PrintsysTM.  ProXpert includes the following functionalities:  Order management, inventory management, invoicing, credit management, purchasing management, planning, production, delivery management, accounts receivable, sales statistics, accounts payable, general ledger, report generator.


Solutions for clean air and exhaust air in industry, clinics, healthcare, restaurants and offices.  Saves CO2, neutralizes odors, eliminates pollen and allergens, protects against viruses and bacteria, eliminates pollutants and mold, minimizes dust.