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Printsys™ is a complete printing solution, and is used by different types of organizations, from print centers, commercial printers, to companies that want to centralize their purchases of printed products. Our innovative platform is hosted exclusively on Canadian servers and managed twenty-four-seven by our experienced team. We provide dedicated bespoke support from installation to operation, and our inclusive online platform supports quick file uploads, proficient project submissions, recurring or one-off orders. Each Printsys™ integration is fully scalable and tailored to fit your budget, meet your needs, and surpass your expectations.

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For nearly twenty years, diverse organizations of all sizes have benefited from Printsys™.

Types of organizations that utilize Printsys™ :

We turned to Prisme Technologies to provide their robust Printsys™ software to manage our renovated and reorganized printing operation. Our goal was to computerize the entire order to delivery process. Printsys™ empowered our clients to complete online orders using our website and monitor, in real-time, the whole production procedure. Currently, over 80% of all orders are submitted online, and our entire production process is nearly 100% computerized. Our personnel is happy with the simplicity and efficiency of the system, and the generated cost savings helped repay the printing overhaul loan quicker than expected.
Université de Montréal
The University has used the Printsys™ software for over a decade. The system allows several client and administrative advantages. Clients can submit print projects, customize orders from a diverse catalog, utilize print job automation and real-time order tracking from job submission to delivery. The comprehensive system helps managers or employees see precisely how many orders there are at any time in every one of the statuses. Additionally, we recently ordered a module that will send an email alert to the client at any production stage. This feature will help reduce telephone calls from clients inquiring about the status of their orders. Representatives of Prisme Technologies worked closely and diligently with the in-plant staff to ensure that they understood the system. To date, employees have adapted well.
McGill University Health Center
The Montreal School Board installed the Printsys™ software over a decade ago. It has simplified and reduced teacher printing requests and given more control to school administrators. The powerful management tool allows us to create detailed plans of our production needs and provides comprehensive reports to help manage our budget. Prisme Technologies cares about its clients and focuses on accomplishing their individual goals.
Centre de services scolaire de Montréal